Are You “Form Challenged”? Formstack May Help

I like to think I’m fairly good with the task of creating on-line forms. I can do quite a bit of form building by hand. But recently I was given a request for a form that had multiple components. Not only some tricky validations but also connections via API to other applications to feed info to them. I finally looked into a form-building service I’d heard of, called Formstack.

I spent quite a bit of time testing and studying various components of the form builder to make sure it would do what was needed. In the process, I learned that Formstack has a lot of nice features for folks who may not be very proficient at building their own forms — it is not only for complex, multi-layered questionnaires and surveys. A beginner can even build a form and then embed it into their own website. The forms easily interface with the major payment systems such as and PayPal so it is easy to set up an on-line form to allow clients to pay on-line while gathering just the right amount of information.

If you have the need for multi-page forms so you can fill out one and it feeds to the next page, and the next one, that becomes quite easily managed as well. And they have the capability to select from some templates (themes) to match your site. Add on the logo and it is a quick easy way to keep your branding strong.

The support team knows their stuff too. I handed them a couple of questions I thought I’d never get a straight answer for, yet I got good solid responses with details on how to implement the fixes. Just so you know, I tried on 3 different times¬† during the business day to use their on-line chat but found that no one was there for those quick questions you run into. But I guess given a choice, I’d rather have rock-solid answers to my tough questions.

So my experience so far with Formstack has been very positive. It works well, has lots of great suggestions in their blog, and is backed by a good support team. Whether you are a “form novice” or an old hand at forms, it is worth another look.


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