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Here are some unsolicited comments from readers:

I’ve signed two websites under my new contract (based on your model). The response I received was fantastic. My client appreciated having everything spelled out, knowing expectations ahead of time. They did not hesitate to pay the required starting fees at that instant. It turns out, my client has had difficulties with previous designers because they couldn’t explain clearly, up front, what would happen with the arrangement.

I regret now that I did not start using this agreement when I started in this business. I have existing clients that have proven to be a challenge. They want to have a web presence, but are not quick to respond when I request additional info for development.

Again, thanks for the tips. I appreciate it.

– J.E.

I am in the process of starting up my own web design business and while in Borders book store in Braintree,MA I was looking for a book on Photoshop tips and while scanning the isle, your book jumped off the shelf at me….Upon reading the back cover and the table of contents, I was hooked! It was destiny!

It was just what I was looking for! You covered areas that I had thought about but never gave much thought to, and you also covered areas that I had never though of!

This book will probably save me alot of money that would have gone to the wrong direction (advertising, equipmeint, etc). I am still a few months away from completing my site and several clients sites for my portfolio, so this book came at a GREAT time!

Thank you again! You have open the door to the room I needed access to for a while now! Bravo! and please keep up the good work!

– B.L.

I would just like to tell you how much I have enjoyed your book. I bought the book about a month ago, and I have told my family, and friends that it was one of the best investments that I have ever made. I am just starting out in the web design business, and have learned so much from your book. I am taking several courses right now on web design, and one of my favorite sites is yours when it comes to studying certain sites, which is what I have to do ocassionally as an assignment.

– R.M., Indiana

Your book continuously guided me on my way to start my own shop. excellent book.. Thanks!

– C.C., Braintree, MA

Just wanted to let you know that I have been looking for a book over two years on how to start a web design business and a map for a business plan. I specialize in real estate web sites because I have been in real estate for over 10 years. I have been in the web design business for over a year, but did not know how to construct a business plan for this particular type of business. I was very excited when I found your book, and it is helping me a great deal!

– P.S.

I’m about half way through your book and already have found it very helpful in helping me look at the business end of my web design service. I … have been doing web design work on the side for about two years. I enjoy the work, but have struggled with the business end of dealing with customers. Your book re-enforces what I have come to realize the hard way – you need a contract, no matter how straightforward things appear. I’m at the tail end of a job that has been a nightmare in many ways (client didn’t supply the copy like promised, dozens of revisions, etc) – most of which could have been avoided with a contract.

– S.P.

I was so sure that I would have a difficult time as a web designer, I was thinking about training as a technical writer instead. But now I feel like I have permission to do what I really want to do.

I’ve already designed a few sites for friends, and while I can’t put a site together in twenty hours yet, I’m inspired by the notion that they’re no real obstacles to my success. Thank you for your insight and your time. Whenever I get the chance, I’m going to mention your book as a great resource.

– C.P.

I just finished reading your new book How to Start a Home Based Web Design Business. I have to say that when I first saw it, I was a little skeptical (it looked too small). I’ve probably read every book in print about starting a business and, after the first few, they were all the same.
However, you provided the information based on your experiences you’ve had in your own business as a Web designer. I recognized a lot of the information but it had so much more personality. I know I’ve read a great book when, after I’m finished, I want to read it over and over again.
Thanks for your insights.

– J.T.

Hi – I bought your book and I REALLY like your design philosophies and business advice. I am taking tremulous baby steps towards being a web designer and your book is quite valuable to me.

– J.S., Baltimore, MD

Aloha Jim!

I just want to say thanks for a great book, (How to Start a Home-Based Web Design Business). …I have been getting several offers to offer my services externally as well. And I was very hesitant until I picked up your book and am following it as a basic outline to start my own business. I have already landed a handful of clients and I just have to say mahalo (thank you). I has given me the confidence to start doing this on my own and it already looks like within the next 6 to 9 months I can even leave my job and do it full-time. Again mahalo for a wonderful job on your book and take care!

– B.S., Waipahu, Hawaii

I am a Freshman… and I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading your book about how I can start my own web design business. I am actually really new to the entire internet, and only this year have learned any HTML at all however, I just loved to learn it and I learned it all really quickly. I thought that I would start my own business and this book is really helping me. It has insights that I never really thought of before. I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate it.

– C.Z.

I just picked up a copy of your book “How to start a Home-Based Web Design Business”. What a great book. Thank you!!!

… I am recommending your book to a lot of people.

– B.H.

I saw mention of your book. I immediately purchased a copy and found it excellent and extremely helpful. It seemed like it was written with me in mind. Thank you for that.

After 25 years as a “corporado” and 5 years running [my web business] as a part-time venture I finally took the plunge (and risk) and took this full-time in September of 2000. … A marketing major in college I seem to have forgotten alot of that. I had enough money set aside to get me going and started this with the idea that I would speak, etc. and not get much work for the first couple of months. Instead I got billable right away when others found out I was full-time. … It’s been hard but I keep reminding myself this is where I thought I’d be in the beginning and that I shouldn’t expect to be billable right away. …Thanks again for your excellent book.

– R.L.

I just read your book How to Start a Home Based Web Design business. Thank you. This book helped clear up some questions/concerns I had about starting my own business.”

– J.P., Fullerton CA

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