Web Design Clients Galore

Author: Kenn Schroder

Are you still chasing down every potential customer you can find? Do you wish that you could be a bit more selective in which customers you want to work with? If so, it is time to stop chasing every lead and position yourself as a knowledgable specialist rather than “just another web guy”. If you are ready to take several steps forward, you will want to get Kenn’s “Web Design Clients Galore” e-book!

Kenn has a very comfortable writing style. He will give you the tools you need and the confidence to use those tools to maximize your business while meeting your life goals as well.

Web Design Clients GaloreKenn goes through the ways to build a niche market and lays out some compelling reasons why you should focus on that niche rather than being a generalist. He gives ideas on how to become known as the “Go-to Guru” for those considering your services.

You will more than make up the reasonable price of the book when you learn how to price your services properly so you are not thought of as the bottom-feeder, scooping up the business that everyone else has rejected. You will learn how to go for the top 20% of the business rather than chasing the scattering of others.

If you can use some help in the sales and marketing end of your business (and who can’t!), this is a must have book! Make the investment and you can start packaging your services so customers seek you out as the expert that they want to hire! Check Kenn’s website (and then buy his book if you wish), then let me know what you thought of it.

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