Book Reviews

What Do Your Visitors Think? — Usability Testing

Some time ago I reviewed a book called “Don’t Make Me Think“. The premise is that you should make sure your website is very common sense oriented. If your visitors must think about your website, they might not give you the desired results. The professional term for that is “Usability Testing” — finding out what a visitor gleans from your website without knowing you, what you are selling, and without any benefit to telling you what you want to hear. Continue reading


Google+ — the missing manual

Author:  Kevin Purdy
Publisher: O’Reilly

When I picked up O’Reilly’s book in their missing manual series on Google+, I was interested in getting an overview of Google+, how it works, what it is useful for, and why I would want to add Google+ to my arsenal of social media tools. The book did not disappoint me in delivering on my expectations. Continue reading

Wicked Cool PHP

Wicked Cool PHP — Real-World Scripts That Solve Difficult Problems

Authors: William Steinmetz, Brian Ward
Publisher: No Starch Press

Different people have different learning styles. I can’t learn by sitting in classrooms listening to lectures. But give me a real live problem to solve, and I’ll ponder and stew over it until I finally get it. For that reason, I really like this book on PHP. And for a non-programmer, it turned out to be very useful for me. Continue reading

Web Design Clients Galore

Author: Kenn Schroder

Are you still chasing down every potential customer you can find? Do you wish that you could be a bit more selective in which customers you want to work with? If so, it is time to stop chasing every lead and position yourself as a knowledgable specialist rather than “just another web guy”. If you are ready to take several steps forward, you will want to get Kenn’s “Web Design Clients Galore” e-book!

Kenn has a very comfortable writing style. He will give you the tools you need and the confidence to use those tools to maximize your business while meeting your life goals as well. Continue reading

Don’t Make Me Think

Don’t Make Me Think! : A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, 2nd

AUTHOR: Steve Krug
PUBLISHER: New Riders Press

I love to tell overzealous clients that they need to read a book titled “Don’t Make Me Think”. All they’ve done is try to figure out how to get their visitors to stop and think. Steve Krug’s book is wonderfully counterintuitive. Continue reading