Credit Card Gateways

In the article, “An Overview of Taking Credit Cards“, I mentioned a “gateway”. Here I will go into more details on gateways. 

A gateway is the link between your client’s e-commerce store and their credit card processor. They don’t have to have a gateway to take credit cards on-line. Instead they can manually take credit card order info from their e-commerce store and input the information themselves. However, unless they have a very low volume store, they will find the hassle of re-inputting the info and the chances of making mistakes makes the extra fees of a gateway seem reasonable. If they aren’t sure, they can start without the gateway and add it later.

Authorize.Net Preferred Reseller

Clients ask me who I recommend for a gateway service. I like Authorize.Net. I have been using them for quite a while and know they are solid and reputable. I’ve used others with mixed results. For that reason, I became a partner with to make it easier to sign up clients. You can go to Authorize.Net’s Site for prices and more info. You don’t need to be a HomeBasedWeb or Blarneystone client to use get my pricing at Authorize.Net.

One added note when setting your client up — they will need to get a merchant account before getting the gateway since the gateway will be asking for merchant account number and other info from the credit card processor.

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    Gateway plays an important part in entire eCommerce transaction, so here it is of very much necessary to procure one reliable gateway solution.

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