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Home Office Twitter Guard Dog

Home Office Guard Dog

I was catching up with my twitter readings after getting behind by a week or so. Suddenly I realized that I had missed “National Take Your Dog To Work Day” on June 20th! For me, being in a home office everyday makes it taking both my dogs and my cat to work day. In fact Dusty (shown right) is usually not as quiet as he is in this photo. In fact while I’m trying to carry on a professional phone conversation, he is frequently trying his best to get my attention. And if he feels that I dare to pay more attention to my phone conversation than him, he will ratchet up the distraction until, when all else fails, the barking begins.

So I guess I missed an important holiday for my dogs, I still unwittingly celebrated the day with my dogs in my office. But I didn’t get them a greeting card so I guess it doesn’t count.

If you are fortunate enough to have a home-based business and get to work at home, pets can be a wonderful asset to your office environment. Just make sure they are trained that when you give them the evil eye that they know it is time for a nap or time to run upstairs to see what else they can get into while you conduct business. Nothing more disconcerting than talking with a client with a cacophony of barking in the background. Even though the playful barking may be music to my ears, there’s work to be done. Shhhh…  let’s celebrate your holiday with a nap on your bed!

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