Eulogy To my Laptop

I am not one of those folks who worships new gadgets. My laptops never start feeling comfortable until I’ve used them for a few years. By then I finally know where things are located and how to effortlessly use the mouse or touchpad. When I got my current laptop it was the best I could find for my needs. It is a Toshiba with a wide 17 inch screen and lots of power to meet my needs.

Now, due to an unfortunate disagreement with a rouge bottle of salad dressing (another story for another day), my keyboard has started sticking and smelling like over aged blue cheese dressing.

Sadly, it is now time to say goodbye to an old friend. Oh the new laptops are faster and have better resolution. But now I must face finding and installing all the neat little programs that I use to make my tasks easier.

I reluctantly plunked down the money for a new Dell laptop yesterday. It has the latest Windows operating system which requires more memory and more storage than I’m used to having.

When it’s all said and done, I’ll probably not have a PC that lets me do anything faster. In fact while I get used to a new keyboard (did you know that Toshiba laptops only have one control key?), l will also be rearranging menu bars the way I’m used to using them.

Maybe in a few years when Windows 8 becomes obsolete I’ll find this sparkling new laptop to be comfortable and start feeling at one with it. But in the meantime. I’ll wipe the blue cheese dressing off the keyboard of my old faithful PC and start the arduous task of moving all my programs over.

I wonder if others have as much trouble parting with  broken computer. Feel free to use the comments section to tell how you cope.

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