Font Tags — Why You Should Ban Their Use

When designing websites you should always try to use updated HTML code. Using the outdated FONT tag is one example of a tag that should be removed from your work since it represent outdated coding. When you are hired to build a website the assumption is that you will use the most updated technology. The use of FONT tags shows that you are falling back on old coding rather than updating your work with newer cascading style sheets (CSS).

It is not very difficult to master the use of a cascading style sheet (CSS) and once you understand styles, you won’t ever want to go back to the “old fashion” method.

If you still use FONT tags instead of using styles, you might question why you should change to CSS just because it is newer. There are other benefits other than just to modernize your work to moving up to style sheets.

For example, modifying the appearance of a website that uses FONT tags instead of styles can take a substantial amount of time. For instance, if your customer wants their font to be a brown color instead of black, by using cascading styles, you just change a couple of styles and it cascades throughout the entire website. On the other hand, if the website has FONT tags embedded throughout it, you will need to go through each FONT tag to adjust it. Of course when your customer then decides that the brown color should be a bit darker, you will need to go back through all those FONT tags again! (And trust me… your client will change their mind in ways like that <grin>).

Modifying styles in a website should be a quick task. Let your client know that you can easily make the adjustment, let them ponder the change, and then if desired, continue to tweak it until it is just what the client wants. As a web design business pro, you shouldn’t be wasting your valuable time tinkering with old FONT tags (unless it is to get rid of them!). Become proficient at cascading style sheets and you can compete in the market as a professional for top dollar against the slow guys still using the old FONT tags.

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