Home Office Winter Commute

commute to home officeOne perk in having a home office  in the snowy and icy north is to be able to watch the traffic report on TV during a miserable snow event. Traffic is snarled up, cars upside down on the sides of the road. And yet my commute entails maneuvering around the dogs on the way to my basement.  I’ve spent enough of my life commuting to work to really appreciate my home office on days like today.

There are enough distractions in having a home office, watching the morning traffic report is one distraction that I really enjoy. Knowing that numerous others are having to face a daily commute makes my work that much more enjoyable.

So if you are in a snowy region, thinking about setting up a home office, you now have another good reason for doing so. You are much less likely to have an accident commuting from the TV in the family room to your desk in the kitchen! But try not to gloat in front of those less fortunate… it will be our little secret!

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