Is Your Home-based Web Business… At Home?

When I first started my home-based web business, I felt that it wasn’t a true home-based business because I seldom met clients at my home. I’ve seen many images of beautiful offices in the home and I kind of felt guilty because my home-based office is not all dressed up and ready for clients to visit. On the rare occasion that a client wants to meet me at my office, I scramble to make it presentable. But generally it is a “home-based office” rather than an office in my home. What’s the difference?

My office is based out of my home. I somewhat kiddingly call it my world headquarters. All my mail and calls are routed through my home-based office. My historical bookkeeping records and client contracts are archived in my home-based office. But I meet most of my clients either on the phone, on-line, at their place of business, or in a meeting place convenient to them (thank goodness for Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts!). Plus when needed, I’ve got access to a temporary office in the large city (Hartford) closest to my home-based office as well so I can meet clients there.

So if you have a web design business (or any other virtual business), don’t worry that your home-based office isn’t the model ready to be put on display. Put your energy into making your web sites that you create act as your show pieces. And make your world headquarters functional first, and beautiful second (or third or fourth!). Your clients will appreciate it. And some day if your priorities change, you can gussy up your home-based office or move it into a prestigious downtown showpiece.

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