Book Notes & Addendum

CONTRACT: To save you from typing my sample contract from the “How to Start a Home-Based Web Design Business” book (less hand cramps!), here is a link to download it. As stated in the book, do not try to use this contract without revising it to meet your own needs and don’t use it without having your attorney read it and offer opinions. Everyone’s needs are different and each state has differing rules. You can pay your attorney a little bit now to look it over or pay a lot later if you run into difficulties!

Contract in Word Doc Format

Contract in Rich Text Format

Contract in Plain Text Format 

JAVASCRIPT: If you click on the below link, you can see when this page was last updated (this page is dynamic so it updates continuously).
Right-click on it and select “Copy Shortcut” to copy the script.
Paste it into the URL address field to see the age of most web pages (check the book for details)

.Java Script to determine last update to web page

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