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I’ve been asked by other web designers what I recommend for their clients to edit their own web site. I use Dreamweaver and there is a program called “Contribute” that allows you to set up the template and the FTP info and the client can go in and change content without breaking the template. The advantage of Contribute is that the client buys their own license and they go through Macromedia for support.

There’s also an on-line editor to load on the server called sitecenter (http://www.interspire.com/sitecenter/). Also Web Edit Pro by the same company works well. Either of these take a bit of head-scratching and as a web designer, you’ll be expected to answer any support questions vs a program like Contribute that is independent of you. For web designers interested in getting some help with an editor, I can set up an editor through my system with the web pages on your server and I just charge for my setup time (approx 1 hour for setup) plus a small quarterly charge for the editor. Your client would see an unbranded editor so any issues or questions they had would be routed back to you. In turn, you can always ask me for assistance.

You can offer a  blog application like this WordPress for use as a website but it can have some limitations and quirks. On the high-end of editors are Content Management Systems (CMS) applications. The two open source that I’ve used are Joomla and Mambo — and one is a spin-off of the other. These CMS programs are very complex and took me quite a while to figure them out. I’ve used Joomla for several clients and it has so much power and so many bells and whistles that I hesitate recommending it for any client without a good technical background. There is a bit of a learning curve that makes it unappealing to some. So keep in mind that it is overkill for most small business clients you might have. If you would like some help in setting up on-line editor for your client(s), contact me and we can discuss what your needs are and how I can help.

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