Tips For Working At Home

When working at a home office, it is best to sound professional rather than casual, even though you may be dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Here are some tips:

  • Be aware of background sounds when you answer your phone. Mute the TV, keep the dog from barking (good luck with that!), make sure children know that phone time is quiet time, etc.
  • Select a spot in your home that you can work on your projects without the danger of spilling beverages on it or getting a smear of peanut butter on the draft of a flyer you are putting together.
  • If you are working in a busy, active household, try to find a place that allows you to close the door while working.  It minimizes distractions and reminds others that you are really working and not just waiting for the next chatty family member to come in and start a conversation.

Do you have other suggestions to share? Share them below so we can all benefit!

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