Basic Points To Keep In Mind While Designing A Website

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By Michael Greaves

With the increase in competition, more and more businesses are directing their way to the web in order to reach their target market more quickly and efficiently. To achieve this target, it is very important to have a good and effective website, enough capable of holding the existing, as well as potential customers on the site for a longer period of time. Only an attractive, easy to use and a well-functioning website can get maximum traffic and contribute towards the success of the business eventually.

A good web designer is the one who understands the significance of developing and creating an effective web design. It should be easy to use and able to present the relevant information in an organized and unique manner. There are certain things web design Swansea developer keeps in mind while developing a website plan. We apply our skills and strategies to present the information in a unique way on the site. In this article we’ll discuss about certain basic points that one should keep in mind while planning a website.

Points To Consider When Designing A Website

Width: Since every browsing platform is not the same, it is very important to plan the right width of a website. The most preferable screen resolution is 1024px. However, you can indent or descent as per your convenience, but make sure the screen resolution is not wider than 960px. To get the correct idea about the width and screen resolution you can even check out some templates available on various web designing websites.

Color Scheme: Colors play a major role in every kind of designing and hence must be chosen with proper consideration. Make sure the color scheme of the website goes along the theme and purpose of the business. For instance: Using a multicolored website for an NGO (non-governmental organization) firm associated with handicap will not be at all suitable. Thus, it is very crucial to choose a color scheme that fits perfectly with the purpose of the website.

Header and Footer: The first thing that a visitor notices in website is the top most section of the page, also known as header. Thus, it should be well balanced and able to present the purpose of the website in simple and subtle words. On the other hand, the footer is the bottom most sector of the webpage. It should be well organized with only relevant links such as career, blog, contact us, social icons etc.

Content: Content of the website includes images, videos and text. In an effectively planned web design Swansea makes sure the content is organized and synchronized in a way that the visitors do not get confused while browsing through the pages. Moreover, the content should be planned in a way that it is able to hold the interest of the visitors for a long period of time.

Font: It is advisable to choose the font color, size and style that are easily readable and understandable. Most preferred font styles are Arial, Times new roman, as these provide more clarity and visibility.

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