Printing Money

Have you tried to print money? I don’t mean illegally but just to put a mock-up on a web site for a client. You need a criminal mind to do so. If you try to print the new currency on a copier or a printer, or even edit it through a graphic design program, you will get an error message that will block your attempts. The new ones are programmed to block your efforts. I had a client who wanted a graphic of a fifty dollar bill on his web site. I went to the Government site and found the stipulations on what can be used. There are size limitations to make sure there are no mixups.

I got a new fifty and tried to scan it into my graphics program. It was blocked and wouldn’t let me scan it in. So I went to the US Treasury site and found they had the currency images available for folks wanting to use them for various (legit!) purposes. So I copied the image of the fifty and pasted it into my graphic program. Blocked again! I guess the way to do it is to get an old version of a graphics program, reduce the size and munge it enough, and then you can use it. Or call your local thug to get an image without the hidden embedded code that tells all these modern techie programs that you are doing something less than legit. js

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