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As web designers, many of us want to find a niche market in which to place our focus. Many years ago, I was a restaurant owner. Naturally, since it is an area I know a lot about, I tried to make that one of my areas of web design expertise. After handling some restaurant sites, I started realizing that the ones I was working with were very low on funding and wanted someone to bedazzle them with artistic creativity. My practical advice and solid web site services to help build their customer base didn’t seem as important to them as a lot of eye candy and glitter.

After handling some of these accounts, I decided that I was better suited to handle websites aimed at getting results rather than to impress the visitors with razzle-dazzle. Over the years, most of those restaurant accounts have either gone out of business or swapped to others better suited to dazzle the owners. And I found little desire to replace them with other restaurants. The ones I have are good solid clients but that industry became less of a niche market for me.

As I got busy with other business types, I never really thought too much of why my focus went to other types of businesses. Then recently a client sent me a link ( to an excellent article titled, “Overdone – Why are restaurant websites so horrifically bad?“. I found myself nodding in agreement as I read through the article and by the end, I was ready to send a copy to those horrid examples of Flash and dazzle restaurants that make it impossible to simply get a menu or find printable directions or just copy and paste the address to Google them.

If you are a web designer who wants everyone’s website to be over the top and out of the box, read the Slate article and make sure your clients’ websites don’t get rated “horrifically bad” by those who feel a website should do more than stupefy us with the show. And if your goal as a web designer is to make sure your clients get more customers and a stronger business, read the article to remind yourself of why you design the way you do.

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