Providing A Privacy Statement

A client of mine, an attorney, provided me with a Privacy Policy to put on his web site (see it). I learned from him that the State of Connecticut now requires it.

They don’t require that it be put on a web site. They state that it be “publicly displayed”. Then they use the example that “publicly displayed” includes, but is not limited to, posting on an Internet web page. The actual bill can be found at This means that because I have access to an occasional client credit card information, I need to publicly post my Privacy Policy. You can see my privacy statement on my Blarneystone web site but because I’m not an attorney, you need to run your statement past your attorney to make sure it works for your business. And if your business is outside of Connecticut, publicly displaying your privacy policy may not even be required. Again, it might be a good idea to ask your attorney whether you should do so anyway.

So when you have done your homework and if you find that a privacy statement is required in your state, do your clients a favor and notify them of the requirement. They should be grateful to you for watching out for their best interest and they may need your help in putting their statement on-line. Don’t forget that you are NOT the attorney and should not provide them with the content!

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