Should Web Designers Offer Domain Names?

Included in being a full service web designer is selling domain names. Like offering hosting services (see my article on offering hosting services to your clients) you should include domain name sales to your toolbox. Unlike some other services, there is not much money to be made in domain name management. I sell mine for $25 per year. You probably won’t get rich by selling domain names to your clients. But your client trusts that you know how to secure domain names for them.

If you don’t have a method for doing so, they may find someone offering complete service for their web site. It is better to set up a method that allows you to take care of those names easily — you don’t want to spend a lot of time on a service that only gets you a few bucks a year. There are some reliable domain companies out there. You will want to find one that will allow you to make changes and will also allow you to set up sub-accounts to let your clients manage their own domain name if they want.

The one I use is They have reasonable prices and have been reliable. They have some hefty setup packages but if you wish, I can try to get you a better deal through my account with them. Contact me if you are interested. They have the setup to let you buy domain names for your clients or you can set up an interface to allow your client to set up an account so they can manage their own domain name if they wish.

I very seldom find the need for that as most of my clients are happy to let me handle everything for them. But it can be helpful if you find it fits with your plans. A less costly option would be to build or use a script. This will allow your clients to search for a domain name that meets their needs.

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