Should Web Designers Offer Hosting?

If you are a web designer for smaller businesses, you will frequently be asked, “Who do you recommend that I can use to host my web site?“. Or more likely your client won’t know to ask that but instead will say, “What else do I need to be on the Internet?”. Because web design is primarily an artistic “ponytail” endeavor whereas hosting is mostly more techie than artistic, you may prefer to steer clear of hosting. This could be a mistake.

Your client is probably depending on you for all the solutions to every Internet issue. If you can help with hosting, your client will be more apt to rely on you for everything Internet related. If you don’t, there is a strong possibility that the hosting service provider that they use may also get your client’s future design business.

I used to go to an auto repair shop who I trusted. One time he test drove the car and called to tell me the front-end needed to be aligned. I told him to take care of it.  He said he didn’t have the equipment to do that but could give me a couple of places that did. After that, I took my car to a different repair shop. He also didn’t have the equipment but he worked out a deal with an alignment shop down the street who would pick the car up from him, do the alignment, and return it to him. The price was reasonable, I knew that I was getting good service because my mechanic made sure of that, and I didn’t need to run around to get my car maintenance done. My repair shop took care of it all and took responsibility for everything.

Someone else may prefer to shop around to try to get a better deal for each maintenance issue. I am busy and don’t want to spend my valuable time looking for car “specialists”. Customer service is about taking care of all of your customer’s needs. And that is probably your goal as well (if you want happy customers it is!).

Hosting is a key component to web design work. Don’t miss out on it. If you wish, I can split up some hosting servers if you want to offer it to your clients so you can start out small with the hosting and grow. Once you feel it makes more sense to get your own server to put all your clients in one place, I can help you make that a smooth transition. Contact me if you have questions or want more information. But don’t give your clients a reason to leave you after working hard to make them happy!

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