What Do Your Visitors Think? — Usability Testing

Some time ago I reviewed a book called “Don’t Make Me Think“. The premise is that you should make sure your website is very common sense oriented. If your visitors must think about your website, they might not give you the desired results. The professional term for that is “Usability Testing” — finding out what a visitor gleans from your website without knowing you, what you are selling, and without any benefit to telling you what you want to hear.

Try a Usability Test

If you would like to try out a usability test of your website at no cost, UserTesting will give you that opportunity. I don’t know how long it will be free, so give it a shot soon. When you sign up, they will assign someone to do a 5 minute review of your website. That visitor to your website will answer questions like what their first impression is of your website, what the website is about, and in poking around, what they like or do not like about it. If you love the floral way your website looks in order to sell vitamins you might be shocked to find out that visitors are assuming your site is for a florist shop and leave right away. You will get a 5 minute view into a stranger’s review of your website and get to view where they are looking and what they think your website is promoting.Usability test

A 5 minute evaluation is not enough to learn much about your website through the eyes of your potential customer. But it is enough to introduce you to the world of Usability Testing and how it can benefit you. And of course once you’ve had a taste, you might even see the value of spending a bit of money to get a more thorough report in the future.

How To Try Your Own Free Usability Test

Would you like to try it out for free? Go to http://peek.usertesting.com and put in your website to be tested. If you want, use this code: PeekJS to expedite the results (at least that is what they told me 🙂 ). Then add your contact info to get the results and you’re done! Then in an hour or a few, depending on how busy they are (and whether you use their PeekJS code), you’ll get an email with a URL to view your own personal usability test.

I’ve tried it and a couple of clients have too. Disclaimer: I’m not promoting this company nor make anything from their services but thought you might be interested in trying it. It can be quite an eye opener. So now give it a go and let me know what you think.

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