Will Ads Make a Profit For Your Client?

If you haven’t already been asked, eventually a client will ask about putting Google AdSense ads or other ads to offset the cost of hosting, and depending on which fantasy articles your client has read, they may even assume they can easily get a steady flood of income.

First, contrary to claims from some get-rich-quick schemes, it is a lot of work and takes a lot of time.

Secondly, presumably your client has a website to draw eyeballs to their site… not to entice them to click away to a competitor’s website. They want to sell their products or services and would prefer to keep those customers for themselves instead of sending them away. Trying to benefit from both of these  conflicting goals will likely get them little or nothing.

I’ve yet to find a client with a special case in which both goals can work side-by-side, but there may be one somewhere. But most likely you will be safe to discourage it when a client asks.

On the other hand, this website is an informational site in which it doesn’t matter if a visitor clicks an ad block and goes somewhere else. I don’t have a strong goal of selling you a product or service. It is just my way of giving back and the few bucks I get from the ads is not a lucrative way to make a pile of money.

So if a client asks you about using ads to help support their site, remind them what their goal is. And ask if they really want you to work to get rid if traffic that they likely worked hard to attract!

Here are some other thoughts to mention to your clients on this topic:

• They need a high traffic website in order to get enough clicks to make it worth while.

• They will need a lot of content (articles) to attract search engines which will hopefully attract people who will click their ads.

• They need to add new articles weekly or, at the least, monthly to keep the search engines coming back for more.

• An ad-focused website must have keywords that advertisers are spending advertising dollars on. A site promoting free plans to build a doghouse (for example) may get a lot of traffic but few companies selling doghouse plans will want to advertise on it.

So if a client asks you about generating money with web ads, ask some questions and make sure they aren’t just believing some overblown fantasy story they read on the internet.

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