Working in a Home Office in Winter

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I used to live in Florida and having a home-office in the winter wasn’t so much different than in the summer. Now that I’m in Connecticut I’m finding that winter takes on a whole new meaning with a home office.  There is a good article in Lifehacker today entitled, How to Beat the Winter Blues When You Work from Home. In it they cover many ideas and tips for being productive in the depths of winter in your home office.  But they don’t discuss office temperature control.

My home office is in the basement. In the summer, it is nice and cool and comfortable, regardless of how hot it is outside. In the winter, the basement is minimally heated so a space heater is needed to keep the frostbite away. 

I tried to put layers of sweaters on in order to save a few bucks on my utilities while working at home. Over time I’ve learned it is not a wise method to save money.  My typing fingers are still cold and stiff when the temperature drops. Because warm air rises, my feet and legs are uncomfortably cold. I’m easily distracted from my tasks due to a nagging discomfort that I’m trying to ignore.  Hot coffee, tea, and cocoa is a nice break, but when used frequently instead of working, it is time to look around your office for a better solution.

It is an important productivity strategy to have a comfortable environment in which to work. When I get “in the zone” of focused work, I need to be able to forget about everything around me, including the temperature, and keep my focus on my work. The longer I can do that, the more productive I can be.

So whether your home office has a distracting chill in it in the winter, or an uncomfortable warmth in the summer, remember that you will not be at your peak unless you address those temperature distractions. Fix them so you can focus on your customers!

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